My sincere apologies for the length of time it took me to send in a status update to my dear blog. Unfortunately, this means I’ve failed to mention many new items that may interest you.

The first is my most recent exhibit at the Crescent Moon, “Your Second Life.” The exhibit featured my works that were inspired by Second Life culture, residents, and (at one time) current events. I am so sorry if you would have liked to attend the exhibit and are just reading about it here for the first time. Pituca has some wonderful pictures here.
Next up for the Crescent Moon is an exhibit by Sandhya2 Patel. Whatever you do, don’t miss this one!

The next bit of news is rather exciting for me, as a complete film geek. I have had the pleasure of puppeteering (avatar acting) and doing a bit of set design in a short promo for the upcoming Volavola directed by filmmaker Berardo Carboni. The film will begin production shortly and will contain scenes filmed in both real and Second Life. For more information on the project, and to view the promo, check out the film’s MySpace page. That is me playing the role of Francesca, alongside fellow artist, talented performer, and assistant director Fau Ferdinand. In case you are curious, the beautiful cinematography is the work of Evo Szuyuan of Creative Machinery using the Lipsync Viewer by Mm Alder.

Last but not least, I have a new online portfolio up at where you can find images of some of my artwork, development projects, and machinima. Special thank you to the fabulous Amalthea Blanc for her expertise.

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