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If the “8 things” tag/meme/social experiment has proven anything, it is most definitely that if you avoid your blog long enough, someone will eventually give you reason to update it. For anyone who might not be familiar with how this works, I was tagged earlier this week by Simone Stern, who in turn was tagged by someone else, etc, etc, and on and on until perhaps the beginning of humanities’ desire to share with and learn more about those around themselves. Now it’s my turn to post eight random things about myself to my blog and then tag eight people whom I would like to know more about.
My super eight facts:
I got my first job as a grocery store clerk at the not entirely so ripe age of 15. Despite holding a job throughout high school, I was still able to graduate early. Upon graduating I worked full time to save money for college until I spontaneously spent it all travelling Europe. I have never regretted this.
From the ages of 7-15 I was involved with a program called Odyssey of the Mind from which I learned many of the skills that I use daily in Second Life; namely creativity as a tool for expression, problem solving, and interpretation of reality, but also team work, creative collaboration, competing gracefully, and engineering on what I DON’T know, rather than what I do know. Looking back, no youth activity has so greatly shaped my life as this once consider nerdy past time.
E.E. Cummings is not only my favorite poet, but also number one on my list of people, alive or dead, who I’d most like to meet.
I’m pretty handy in the kitchen. Above all cooking related activities, my favorite is cake sculpting and decorating. Probably no surprise there!
I would like to see the whole world, of course, but countries I MUST see before I’m willing to die are Egypt, China, and Sweden.
I secretly think lolcats are still pretty hilarious.
I was voted “Most Likely to be President” and “Most Creative” in my sixth grade class.
Being a mom is the greatest pleasure of my entire life.
That makes eight. For the record, I tagged Amalthea, Zyrra, Joanna, Dedric, Max, Bettina, Vlad and Cheen.

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