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I am a virtual sculptress by the name of Stella Costello in Second Life but in reality I am a 23 year old mother and geek from the Midwestern US.
Using prims as a medium is definitely a challenge; they are hard edged, unyielding, and inexpressive. It is this challenge that gives Second Life sculpting such an appeal to me, however. Prims are the perfectly neutral “found object” from which to create an expressive story that is more about concept than it is aesthetics.
There are many reoccurring themes in my artwork, for instance, the concept of the honorable awkwardness of being female. This is where you see the ideas I play with in real life spill over to the virtual world. That said, the most treasured of my artistic experiences in Second Life have come from approaching creating art in a “Second Life” way; that wholly indescribable way that virtual worlds have us rethinking the way we view sociology, economy, education, relationships, and inevitably.. the world.
Like any culture, SL has a sort of built in symbolism that I intend to highlight as often as I can. For example, when we see the default plywood texture, we know that whatever prim we are seeing is new, unfinished, still in progress, maybe even “natural” as in bare and unexploited. This isn’t something we necessarily need to be told with whatever languages we might speak to one and other, but we realize it simply by experiencing Second Life. It is this sort of symbolic meaning that connects us as avatars here and that makes creating SLart so fascinating. Second Life literally is the inspiration, the medium, the execution, and the root of the symbolism of many of my pieces.

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