Special Education Essay

Special education essays have become common in recent years because of the need to address this issue in modern days. As a result, students especially those studying special education are oftentimes required to write special education essays by their tutors. As a result, it is essential for students to develop competitive writing skills.
When asked to write a special education essay, students need to have factual information in order to have a coherent flow of information. This flow is crucial in helping the reader to understand the essay with a lot of ease. Above all, it is necessary to define special education, the people who need it, and why they need it.
Special Education
Education is very important in any society. For this reason, some people have gone ahead to describe education as the source of knowledge. In other worlds, one cannot be knowledgeable when he or she does not have education. Importantly, various groups require different forms of education. For instance, the society is made up of people with various needs, like the sick, elderly, children or even disabled ones.
In this regard, special education essays must address the fact that special education is designed for students with special needs in the society. In most cases, this education is tailored in manner that addresses the needs of the students. In order to achieve this, teachers are tasked with drafting of teaching procedures and equipment to enhance the learning process.
Together with accessible settings, these conditions are necessary to enhance the learning process and ensure that students with special needs are not denied chance gain knowledge and sharpen their skills. In other words, special education eliminates barriers, which exist when a student with special needs is admitted and exposed to a normal classroom setting without any special consideration.
What are these special needs, which qualify a student to be considered for special education? Firstly, students with challenges in learning have to be considered. In a normal class, there could students who find it hard to learn because of some reasons. Such students need specialized attention so that they are not disadvantaged in the learning process.
When writing special education essays, it is also important to address the issue of communication challenges. These challenges occurs because of poor proficiency in the language being used, thus causing a communication barrier.
The commonest factor is physical disabilities. Students with disabilities require specialized education for them to gain knowledge and become productive in the society. These disabilities may include hearing and sight problems. They may also have deformed limbs, as a result of natural birth or accidents. Additionally, students with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders require special education.
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meme metoo

If the “8 things” tag/meme/social experiment has proven anything, it is most definitely that if you avoid your blog long enough, someone will eventually give you reason to update it. For anyone who might not be familiar with how this works, I was tagged earlier this week by Simone Stern, who in turn was tagged by someone else, etc, etc, and on and on until perhaps the beginning of humanities’ desire to share with and learn more about those around themselves. Now it’s my turn to post eight random things about myself to my blog and then tag eight people whom I would like to know more about.
My super eight facts:
I got my first job as a grocery store clerk at the not entirely so ripe age of 15. Despite holding a job throughout high school, I was still able to graduate early. Upon graduating I worked full time to save money for college until I spontaneously spent it all travelling Europe. I have never regretted this.
From the ages of 7-15 I was involved with a program called Odyssey of the Mind from which I learned many of the skills that I use daily in Second Life; namely creativity as a tool for expression, problem solving, and interpretation of reality, but also team work, creative collaboration, competing gracefully, and engineering on what I DON’T know, rather than what I do know. Looking back, no youth activity has so greatly shaped my life as this once consider nerdy past time.
E.E. Cummings is not only my favorite poet, but also number one on my list of people, alive or dead, who I’d most like to meet.
I’m pretty handy in the kitchen. Above all cooking related activities, my favorite is cake sculpting and decorating. Probably no surprise there!
I would like to see the whole world, of course, but countries I MUST see before I’m willing to die are Egypt, China, and Sweden.
I secretly think lolcats are still pretty hilarious.
I was voted “Most Likely to be President” and “Most Creative” in my sixth grade class.
Being a mom is the greatest pleasure of my entire life.
That makes eight. For the record, I tagged Amalthea, Zyrra, Joanna, Dedric, Max, Bettina, Vlad and Cheen.


My sincere apologies for the length of time it took me to send in a status update to my dear blog. Unfortunately, this means I’ve failed to mention many new items that may interest you.

The first is my most recent exhibit at the Crescent Moon, “Your Second Life.” The exhibit featured my works that were inspired by Second Life culture, residents, and (at one time) current events. I am so sorry if you would have liked to attend the exhibit and are just reading about it here for the first time. Pituca has some wonderful pictures here.
Next up for the Crescent Moon is an exhibit by Sandhya2 Patel. Whatever you do, don’t miss this one!

The next bit of news is rather exciting for me, as a complete film geek. I have had the pleasure of puppeteering (avatar acting) and doing a bit of set design in a short promo for the upcoming Volavola directed by filmmaker Berardo Carboni. The film will begin production shortly and will contain scenes filmed in both real and Second Life. For more information on the project, and to view the promo, check out the film’s MySpace page. That is me playing the role of Francesca, alongside fellow artist, talented performer, and assistant director Fau Ferdinand. In case you are curious, the beautiful cinematography is the work of Evo Szuyuan of Creative Machinery using the Lipsync Viewer by Mm Alder.

Last but not least, I have a new online portfolio up at www.stellacostello.com where you can find images of some of my artwork, development projects, and machinima. Special thank you to the fabulous Amalthea Blanc for her expertise.

My Medium

 It took over one hundred years for photography to be considered art. Today, similar stigmas and disregard are faced by many digital mediums ranging from digital paintings to video games. The full discourse on this topic can play itself out along with the discussion on whether or not Second Life is a game or metaverse, but a growing number of artists have stopped their banter and have already started using Second Life as a medium.
The more I see the variety of creative artistic expressions forming within SL, the more I am reminded of the birth of Modernism, when Paul Cézanne described his desire to “treat nature by the cylinder, the sphere, the cone.” This concept is of course familiar to us as Second Life residents living in a world of raw shapes arranged in organic compositions. I believe this comparison between creating art in Second Life and the beginning of Modernism is especially apt when we consider the very reasons that many residents are drawn to Second Life; the desire to reshape and create the world around us in a new way that breaks from tradition. Indeed the results of both movements have led to a re-examination in the way that we view architecture, literature, society, economy, education, and our own personal lives.
Even though the similarities are truly there, I’m not sure that creating art in SL is closest to Modernism or Post-Modernism movements of the past, but perhaps it is more like creating art directly from the future. Creating art in SL is a little like creating art in a colony on Mars, using Martian rocks, and ideas and concepts that we will only understand once we have landed on Mars, built our hypothetical colony, and sufficiently adapted to our new Martian way of life with new cultural symptoms and symbols.